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Before a summer season we want to remind you that the hotel has its own free parking. It will suit everyone: and motorists and and motorcyclists. Parking spaces are provided based on availability and are not booked in advance.





Repair work is finished

We have good news! Repair work is fully completed and now at your service:
- 10 updated numbers,
- a stylish and cozy cafe room,
- updated public areas on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th floors.

We are waiting for your visit!





Renovation work

From time to time the hotel is obliged to update the rooms. Rooms can not stay fresh when they are used by many guests for several years. In some cases, it costs a cosmetic local repair, but in others the situation takes a large-scale turn, as it is now.

They decided to overhaul eight rooms. How does this influence on the comfort of the guests? Sometimes noisy work (only in the afternoon), and in public zones there is a protective things. Naturally, employees try to minimize discomfort for hotel guests, but it is impossible to exclude it completely.

Work in the room fund has already begun. The rooms will be ready by the middle of November, but the cafe's hall will be renovated in parallel. All works will be completed in the middle of December. And we will have:
-10 stylish and modern rooms. Instead of two rooms of the "Apartment" category, there will be 4 rooms for sale (two junior suites, two standard double rooms). Total instead of 8 numbers - 10 new ones;
- It is an incredibly beautiful and cozy mini-restaurant. There will be hold breakfast. And at other times and lunches, and dinners, and much more.

If you decide not to come to us during the repair, we will understand everything. But you have to come to us after the completion of all the works, because we do it all exclusively for you!





Hotel's Birthday!

While the whole country celebrates its first May day, we celebrate our own holiday. On May 1, 1915, at the behest of Princess Elizabeth Feodorovna, a building was erected at the address: Poluoktovsky Lane, 7A. Only in the 50s of the last century the lane was renamed in honor of the outstanding Soviet biologist Ivan Mikhailovich Sechenov, the legendary professor of the Moscow University, who lived and worked in these neighborhoods.
Initially, the building used as a closed educational institution for girls, and later was intended only for military need. And only since 2008 the building began to function as a hotel for all comers. If you know more information about our building, please share with us, we will be very grateful to you!
Despite its impressive age, as long as 103 years, the building retains its architectural appeal. The last large-scale renovation of the hotel room was carried out in 2016, and the facade reconstruction in 2017. Partial renovation of the interior is still to this day.





Exhibition in Museon

From March 7 to July 15 in the Tretyakov Gallery on the Crimean Val will be a large-scale retrospective of the best paintings and graphic works of Vasily Vereshchagin - an outstanding Russian painter, historian, ethnographer, writer, philosopher, traveler, officer.

The purpose of the exhibition is to reveal to the public the unique personality of the artist, warrior and pacifist, a passionate explorer of new geographical landscapes, countries and people, a painter who managed to radically transform the genre of the battle painting in the visual arts. One of the most important theoretical and actual problems facing the exhibition today is reflections on the limits of realism on the example of Vereshchagin's work. The works will be shown in series devoted to his campaigns and travels: Turkestan, Balkan, Indian series, "Russian North", Japanese series. Following this method of exhibition, the curators of the exhibition take into account the artist's desire to preserve the integrity of each series and the indivisibility of their display at exhibitions. The cycle "The Trilogy of Executions" and "The Palestinian Series" will become special sections at the exhibition. The exhibition consists of about 500 exhibits: 180 paintings, 120 graphic works, 97 works of decorative and applied art, archival documents, photographs. Participants - 24 meetings: 19 Russian and 1 foreign museum, 4 private collections.


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